Why Invest In An Abbotsford Home?

Dated: June 10 2021

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 With inflation reaching recent highs, and fixed income investments yielding extreme lows, many investors are looking to Real Estate to give themselves a real income, with real capital appreciation. Real Estate has long been a great hedge against inflation.

Before we look into statistics, and technical Real Estate Investing calculations. Let's talk about why the City of Abbotsford, is a great place to invest, or to make home. 

There are many unique geographical characteristics that make Abbotsford a top choice for a home, or investment property. Let's drill down on that. Canada has long been touted as one of "The best country to live in" due to many factors; political reasons, recreation, jobs, climate etc. B.C. has always been widely sought after due to the endless recreational opportunities, excellent job and business market, and the great climate of the west coast. Abbotsford is located in one of the mildest climate areas of British Columbia, with an excellent job market, great recreation, and culture. Maybe that is why the city is gearing up for a population expansion into the 200,000 numbers? Let's dive in and see what Makes Abbotsford a top contender.

Geographically Unique 

Abbotsford is in a unique location as it borders the United States, Washington to the South, and the Fraser River to the North. Both are very important, and bring unique advantages to the City of Abbotsford. Having a border crossing to the United States for jobs, travel, and recreation, is a great advantage, and convenience. The Fraser River to the North, not only is a great recreational attraction, with; fishing, walking dykes, horseback riding, and boating, it is also valuable to the economy as a means of transportation for many industries like forestry and mining. The other geographic points of interest are: the Vedder river to the East, and the hidden gem of the Fraser Valley, Sumas Mountain. The Vedder river provides world class fishing and recreation. Sumas Mountain provides excellent hiking, and mountain biking opportunities that will surprise even locals. The last item I will touch on is the incredibly rich farmland in Abbotsford. The Sumas Lake that was sadly drained, ended up producing one of the richest basins of farmland in the world, in the Sumas flats. The Matsqui flats also produces fertile farmland to the Northern border of Abbotsford, and is highly productive as well. That isn't even mentioning the raspberry fields that count towards Abbotsford being the "raspberry capital of Canada." The value of the ALR farmland, and the jobs it provides, also contribute to the supply and demand crunch of the area. You cannot build, or develop on the 72% of Abbotsford land, due to it being in the ALR. This make the areas where you can build or densify, become more in demand. 

Job and Business Market

 One of the key metrics to look at for a place to live, and a place to invest, is the job market of the area. Abbotsford has a strong job market. Abbotsford has a higher median household income than the national average, and a lower unemployment rate.

 Some of the major industries are farming, construction, and aerospace in Abbotsford. What also makes this an attractive city to make for a family home or for an investor, is the ample government jobs available in the area. With Abbotsford International Airport, a major local area hospital (ARH), a CBSA border crossing (Huntingdon), CSC regional headquarters, and multiple correctional facilities, University of the Fraser Valley, and plenty of great schools, the area is rich with private sector business, and government jobs. You can feel secure that you or your tenants will have ample opportunity to earn income. Jobs are a driver of economic and investment growth in an area. Also, look out for innovative tech coming out of UFV with integration into automation and farming.

Recreation Opportunities

 World class fishing for salmon and steelhead in the Vedder, and the largest Sturgeon in the Fraser River, endless mountain biking and hiking trails on Sumas Mountain, high end golfing at Ledgeveiw country club, The Abbotsford International Airshow, Events at The Tradex center, Abbotsford Center concerts, and new Canuck's Farm Team, make this City in the Country, a more happening place, than most people think.

The People and Culture

The Abbotsford area has a real interesting history, and culture. I encourage you to read about The Sem:ath people and how the Sumas Lake was drained. The area attracted many European settlers, Mennonite farmers, and Punjabi Sikh farmers, due to the farming opportunities in the area.  Now we have a rich diversity in the city.

"According to the 2016 Census:

  • Over 50 different languages are spoken in Abbotsford
  • 52.8% of Abbotsford's recent immigrants spoke Punjabi most often at home
  • A language other than English or French is spoken in 38% of all households
  • 27.6% of Abbotsford residents were born outside of Canada
  • 32.3% of recent immigrants had a bachelor's degree or higher"

Great Schools

There are many great schools in Abbotsford from pre-schools to University of The Fraser Valley. Take a look at this Abby news article highlighting some of the rankings.

The Numbers

As you can see in the following graph, the average price of single detached homes has substantially increased over the years. Surprisingly, you can still find cash flowing properties in this City, even with the recent large capital appreciation that has happened with detached housing in Abbotsford, British Columbia.

You can check out stats for every unique area, and you will find different rates of appreciation. It is hard to give a blanket percentage point of average return. Since I am discussing Abbotsford in this post. I will use Abbotsford returns. Contact me and I will send you market reports for your area.


As you can see, Abbotsford is a prime location to make for your new home, or investment property. This is due to many factors including: unique geographic characteristics, excellent recreation opportunities, a solid job market, a diverse culture, and great schools. All of these factors make the City of Abbotsford a prime choice to expect the potential of capital appreciation in home values, and the fundamentals are strong as you can still find a rental property that cashflows in this market.

Feel free to reach out if you want a lifetime Abbotsford, local area expert, to help you find a great home. I would love to help you.

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